Installed SMB350
  1. For the purposes of energy management, the data from the main feeder is not enough; but rather it is necessary to gather finer grained data from each branch circuit as well.
  2. The main power panel is often too cramped to have multiple meters installed; at the same time there is not enough space between the branch circuits to install large and bulky regular CTs.

A single SMB350 is equivalent to having eight 3-phase meters or 24 one-phase meters.


SMB350 multi-circuit meter
  1. One SMB350 can use up to 24 CTs.
  2. The SMB350 is capable of reading various electrical parameters including voltage, current, real energy (kWh), reactive energy (kVArh), real power (kW), power factors and others.
  3. It is equipped with an RS485 communications port for interfacing with a host PC, and also a second RS485 communications port for interfacing ACS35 touch panel.
  4. The SMB350C is a simpler model that only provides the kW and kWh data. It is equipped with only one communication port for interfacing with an ACS35 touch panel.

High Accuracy

Note that this product cannot be directly connected to the load.

The SMB350 is designed for high accuracy when used with our dedicated CTs, the starting current is measured in mA, which won't miss even very small load currents.

The SMB350 has also passed independent third party accuracy tests, and all types of measurement values have been determined to be better than 1%.

Dual Communication

  1. The SMB350 is equipped with two communication ports: Port A can be used for interfacing the ACS35 touch panel display, while Port B is for connecting to a host PC. Both operates simultaneously and will not interfere with each other.
  2. Each ACS35 touch panel display can support up to five SMB350 allowing the facility manager to monitor the data from a convenient location.
  3. For automated meter reading, the EnergyLink400 software is also available.
SMB350 communication interface

Touch Panel

The ACS35 is a touch panel data display for showing the various measurement parameters of the SMB350. Each ACS35 can support up to five SMB350 units and can be installed in a more convenient location away from where the SMB350 are physically installed.

ACS35 touch panel display for the SMB350

CT Wiring Configuration

CT Wiring Configurations

Installation & Maintenance

Small and compact, the SMB350 can often be retrofitted into existing panels.

Regular CTs are bulky, but the SMB350 dedicated CTs are diminutive enough to fit between the cramped spaces between cables.

With split core CTs, wires needn't be cut and power doesn't need to be interrupted, replacements are a snap.

Equipped with an LCD display allowing instant verification after installation.


Certifications and Test Reports