Main Benefits

DAE's Lighting Control System Main Benefits - Simplicity, Convenience & Energy Saving
Simplicity, Convenience & Energy Saving

Interface Devices by Role

Interface devices by role played

Large Spaces

Open Spaces

Open Spaces

Centralized control,

simple wiring.

Enclosed Spaces

Enclosed Spaces

Standalone energy saving,

easy to use.

Large Venues

Large Venues

Dedicated controls,

troublefree energy saving.

Scene Recall

Scene Recall

one touch recall to

transform the ambience.

Open Spaces

Supports all types of lighting and highly reliable.

Lighting for Large Areas

Ligthing for large areas

Lighting for Enclosed & Discrete Spaces

Lighting for enclosed & discrete spaces

Interactive Control

Enclosed Spaces
  1. Controllers are programmed with special energy saving behaviors.
  2. Can be authorized or de-authorized to work locally.
  3. Scene recall for conference halls and banquet halls.

Scene Recall

Scene recall for conference rooms

Reliable & Scalable

Highly Reliable

No CPU, no MRS, no system power

DAE's lighting control system is based on an architecture that eliminates the need for a central processor, main remote station or power supply. By doing so, reliability is greatly increased because there is no longer a single point of failure that can affect the entire system.


Highly scalable

Scalable from tens to thousands of circuits.

System Integration

System Integration
  1. Very fast response to the central host
  2. Gateway supports either RS485 or Ethernet interface, and communicates using the Modbus/RTU protocol.

Ease of Use

No software needed

Basic configuration can be done on-board and requires no software or tools.

Android device for complicated setup

For more complicated setup, configuration can be done using an Android mobile phone.

Manual configuration

Configuration is so simple that it can be learned and manually done by the end user in minutes.