March 9-10, 2016
Hynes Convention Center, Auditorium & Hall C, Boston, MA, USA
Booth 211

   DAE will announce TH Series digital water meter, the Gold Medal Winner of 2013 INPEX(Invention & New Product Exposition) in Pennsylvania, and the world's first magnet-free electronic water meter which meets ISO 4064 Class C stringent standard.

 DAE Controls will also announce brand new AMR-D (Auto Meter Reading Module for 4 or 8 water meters) and AMR100-D (for single water meter) compatible with DAE TH Series water meters, Polaris electricity sub meters which are California CTEP approved, SMB350 multi-circuit, multi-function electric monitor, Software EnergyLink400 for remote reading, billing, and Green Box, 0-10V Dimming Control Box of lighting control system.