A prepaid card meter, is a special type of revenue meter wherein the electricity needs to be paid for before use, it was designed specifically for tariffing the electricity for rented properties and for shared air conditioning.
Value transfer prepaid meter

This type of direct value transfer meter is a simpler version of the prepaid meter, the card reader is built into the meter body. When a smart card is inserted, the credit value on the card is transferred entirely into the meter, leaving the card blank and the meter with the credits. The card can then be removed after the transfer, this allows the meter to be placed in a more public location where the card can be taken by someone other than the owner if left in the meter. The meter displays alternately shows the power consumed and the remaining credits.

(At the moment, this type of meter is limited to a single phase two wire version.)


DEM520 value transfer prepaid meter

When a loaded smart card is inserted into the card slot, the entire amount stored on the smart card is transferred into the meter, and is added to the previous amount in the meter.

Reloading a smart card from the credit dispenser

When the smart card is removed, the card is empty of credits and needs can be topped up from a credit dispenser prior to its subsequent use.


Integrated type Split type
Integrated Type Split Type
Operation Entire card amount transferred to meter; power ceases when credits are used up Card inserted all the time; deduction occurs continuously; removing card cuts off power
Tariff In Regards To Room or space Tenant or user
Rate Rate cannot be changed once value is transferred Different cards can have different values
Credits Once transferred to meter it cannot be retrieved Credits remain on card and can be carried anywhere
Deduction To the meter credits To the smart card credits
Security Meter exposed and accessible and thus can be tampered with. Not so secure. Meter hidden and locked. User only has access to card reader. Very secure.


Piano rooms
Piano Room
Dormitory a/c
Dormitory A/C
Market stalls
Market Stalls
  • The value transfer prepaid meter is better suited for long term tenants.
  • It is recommended that the meter be installed near the entrance to the room or space so that the tenant can easily check the remaining credits on entering or leaving.
  • When an old tenant leaves and a new tenant moves in. The remaining credits on the meter should be refunded to the old tenant, and the remaining credits be charged for the remaining credits.

Credit Dispensers

  1. The landlord or property manager can have a small desktop unit on hand for dispensing credit to the card.
  2. The cards topped up through these credit dispensers can only be used by the meters belonging to the same organization or agency.
Desktop credit dispenser and receipt printer

Desktop Credit Dispenser & Receipt Printer

Credit dispensing kiosk

Credit Dispensing Kiosk