Car Recharging Solutions

Both residential and commercial buildings are installing electric car recharing stations in response to government initiatives; to meet such a need, we have established three different solutions for different situations.

Common Stations / Time Tariff

Common Stations / Time Tariff

Dedicated Stations / Power Tariff

Dedicated Stations / Power Tariff

Temporary / Time Tariff

For use in commercial buildings and shopping centers where the charging stations are common and charging is by elapsed time.
Time charging setup

The charging is based on the elapsed time in minutes, the driver buys a prepaid card.

Set Up: ICR520 time based card reader with a load controller.

  1. Driver goes to the attendant booth to buy a card; the card can be used to charge from 1 to 3 hours (as an example). The card can be used on any station.
  2. The driver first inserts the charging plug to their car.
  3. The card is inserted; the card reader reads the time limit; the actual charging starts when the card is removed.
  4. The card reader starts counting down the time; the charging stops once time is up.

Dedicated Spot / Power Tariff

Often used in residential buildings with each spot dedicated to a car; tariff based on power.
dedicated spot / power tariff

Each resident would have their own dedicated charging station and parking spot. The tariff is based on power consumed. Each charging station would be paired with its own card reader.

  1. The resident reloads the card credits from the attendant station.
  2. The card is then touched to its matching card reader; the card ID is verified.
  3. The card reader deducts any arrears from previous use before the charging starts.
  4. The card reader displays the remaining card credits.
  5. The charging stops when the card is removed or when the charging plug is removed. The card needs to be touched again to restart another charging session.
  6. Additional credits can be purchased from the attendant booth.