A scene lighting control system allows the room lighting to change in accordance with the event; any scene can be recalled at the touch of a button to transform the ambience and function of the room.

Scene Recall



Meetings and Conferences

Meeting Rooms & Conference Halls

Meeting rooms, conference halls, multi-function halls

Banquet Halls and Clubs

Banquet halls and clubs

Banquet halls, cafes, bars, clubs

Gyms & Concert Halls

Gyms & Concert Halls

Gyms, theaters, concert halls


Lighting Role in Setting Ambience

Good lighting makes for good ambience regardless of the function of the space regardless of whether it is a meeting room, showroom, clubhouse or even in a commercial setting; every one needs to have scene lighting.

Meeting room lighting scene

Scene lighting to match the event and occasion:

  1. Arrival->Speech->Presentation-Discussion->Exiting
  2. The lighting brightness changes imperceptably to make it easy on the eyes.
  3. Slowly dimming the lighting serves as a cue to the audience that the event is about to start and to quiet down.


Same space, different events
Same Space, Different Events

A multi-function hall can be used for many events, the lighting needs to change to match the event as well.

Room partioning

The lighting can also be configured to match the layout and partitioning of the room, acting as virtual rewiring on the fly.


DAE's lighting control system is applicable from small to large scales, a central processor is not needed; starting scale is just one controller with four channels, future expansions can be done anytime; equally suited for small rooms and large venues.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms



Home Theater

Home Theater

Conference Halls

Conference Halls




Various types of equipment can be controlled and integrates with third party systems.

Equipment Integration


Simple to setup, requires only 3 steps and user can do these themselves.

No complicated software
No complicated setup
Step 1: Enter setup mode
Enter setup mode button
Step 2: Adjust the light level
Adjust the light level
Step 3: Assign to button and done!
Assign button to finish setup

Interface Devices

Change the scene and transform the atmosphere of a room with the touch of a button on any of these devices.

Mobile Device App
App on mobile device
Scene Touch Buttons
Scene touch buttons


Touch Panel
Touch Panel
Multimedia Device
Multimedia Device
Remote Control
Remote Control


Switches can be installed anywhere, wiring is simple and easy to change or extend.

Multiple Access
Multiple Access

A switch can be installed anywhere the bus goes through

  1. Any switch have equal access to the entire lighting control system
  2. Touch one button to recall any preset scene
No need for a central processor, MRS or system power

Scalable for one module with 4 channels all the way up to 256 circuits.