public building

Public Building

Schools, government offices, hospitals, research institutions, office buildings, commercial centers

Numerous restrooms

Numerous Restrooms

There are a lot of restrooms in a public building and they are spread out and cover a lot of area, their lighting and ventilation remain on for long periods; all of these make them hard to manage.

Help button

Help Button

Help buttons are sometimes requested to be installed, which need to be connected to the remote host and promptly send an alert.

Ideal Scenario

(1) Lights off during the day, (2) Lights auto on in the evening, (3) Late night sensor controlled, (4) Help button

System Diagram

System diagram for public restroom


The solution is to make use of an authorizing controller, with different modes for peak/off-peak periods, at the same time providing a help button interface.

Peak Period

Busy during peak periods
  • Lots of traffic during the day, remote host takes over control and decides to turn lights on or off depending on natural lighting

Off-Peak Period

Sensors during off-peak period
  • Main lights are off, but auxiliary lights left on for safety.
  • Sensors are installed near the doorway, the light automatically turns on when there is an occupant; after a delay of 10 minutes, the lights will automatically turn off.

Classic Switch+Energy Saving

Classic push button with K15 sensor, together with an emergency help button

The help button is connected to the LT3384, which then sends an alert to the remote host.

In addition to the remote host, the alert can also simultaneously be sent to the security desk, reception desk and other departments that it may be connected to. The alert is fast and immediate.

help button connected to the remote host

Digital Switch+Energy Saving Solution

IS48K digital switch with K15 sensor, together with an emergency help button

The help button is connected to the LT3384, which sends an alert to the remote host.

Upon entering the restroom, the lights can be turned on manually from the switch near the door or the lights can also turn on automatically through the K15 sensor; on leaving the lights are turned off automatically after a short delay.

The alert from the help button can be sent not only to the central host, but can also be simultaneously sent to the security desk and administrative offce as well.