In government buildings, factories, universities, research centers, there are lots of small rooms private offices, research rooms and workshops.

Wasted Energy

Even when no one is in the room, the lights and the air conditioning remain on, which wastes a great deal of energy, with no way to prevent it.

Lights On:When the occupant determines that the light is not bright enough, they will manually turn it on.

Lights Off: The important thing is being able to turn the lights off automatically when the occupant leaves but forgets to turn off the lights.

Switch Based Solution

Push Button or Rocker Switch

Office: Staff can enter anytime to work
  1. Depending on their needs, The occupant can freely turn the lights on or off as desired.
Doorway: The last person to leave
  • The last person to leave need only press the [All Off] button to turn off all the lights.