An elevator lobby is like the traffic crossing of any public area, they are the doors to the soul of the building. If in order to save energy the elevator lights are all turned off, then it is like extinguishing the soul of the building. As an alternative, one could retain a portion of the lighting to serve as a guide to direct people from adjacent areas. By doing so one could save energy but also keep the sould of the building intact, and bring about other benefits as well.

Indoor Elevator Lobby

Daylit Elevator Lobby

On/Off Type Lighting

There are two parts to the lighting - the main lights and the auxiliary lights.

Busy Period

Both the main and auxiliary lights are on.

Busy period - all lights on

Slow Period

Main lights are off, but auxiliary lights are left on.

Slow period - only auxiliary lights are on

Late Night

The auxiliary lights are sensor controlled.

Late night - auxiliary lights - sensor control

Dimmable Lighting

For lights that are dimmable.

Busy Period

All the lights are on.

Busy period - all on

Slow Period

The lights are dimmed, when someone approaches, the sensors bring the lights back to full.

Slow period - dimmed