In a typical hotel, the guest rooms occupy at least 70% of the entire building, but for a small to medium sized operator, purchasing a complicated and substantial room control system is simply too costly to even consider, which is why there is the need for an effective yet inexpensive alternative.


How to know if the guest is in the room?

Does the room need cleaning or does the guest need assistance?

Should the guest be disturbed for an outside call?/p>

System Diagram



Reception desk can know: light status, guest present, help signal, request to clean room or do not disturb



Room controller functions: lighting control, scene recall switch, classic wall switch, room service requests, card key slot, help button and communication


Item Quantity Description
Regular control port 4 channels
Card key detect 1 channel Connects to external card key slot sensor unit
Room status detect 2 channels Make up room, Do not disturb; connects to external sensor units
Safety status detect 1 channels Can connect to emergency button or sensor
Classic switch input (single mode) 4 channels Paired with control ports R1~R4
Classic switch input (scene mode) 4 channels
Digital switch interface (RJ11) 1 channel Connects to external touch button switch

Scene Recall Switches

Six scene selection buttons on one switch, connected to the room controller via a 4C phone cable.

Special Switches

  • Mounted outside the room door.
  • With "Make Up Room" and "Do Not Disturb" status indicators.
  • Touch sensitive doorbell.
  • Backlighted display.
  • Requires doorbell speaker and matching room status control switch to be used.

European Standard Switches