This system can support multiple lighting circuits and can be used with both digital or classic switches. Since classic switches are available in a multitude of styles and designs, they are ideally suited for the needs of interior decorators, and is easy to use for all ages.

For even more distinctiveness, one can add the touch panel as the user interface or integrate the system into a multimedia platform. A multimedia platform can also include the television, air conditioning, projector and so on.


Smart lighting control enables scene recall.

  • Guest Scene: Creates a welcoming atmosphere when guests come.
  • Theater Scene: Curtains close, main lights turn off, projector lights on, transforms the living room into a home theater.
  • Leave Home: Before leaving home, pressing a button near the doorway turns off all the lights and curtains.
  • Good Night: Just before going to bed, pressing a button near the headboard will turn off all the room lights except for a wall light to maintain a warm atmosphere.

Multiple Access


When leaving home, there is no need get flustered and run all over the house to make sure that the lights, curtains, gas, and air conditioning have all been closed or turned off.

Before exiting the door, simply touch one button on the touch panel screen will automatically turn off all the lights, close the curtains and even turn off the water heater.

Before arriving home, one can turn on the air conditioning to pre cool the house through a mobile phone interface. Upon entering the fence or garage, pressing a button will turn on the lights along the pathway to the house, and once in the house, the security code is entered into the security panel which will disarm the security system and also active the arriving home lighting scene.

Living/Dining Room

In the living room, a tablet is the main remote control unit, it can be mounted on the wall, or it can be taken down for mobility.

This tablet can display and control the various lighting circuits in the living room. Aside from this, it can also recall any preset scene for the living/dining room and home theater to create different moods from the chandelier, curtains, accent lights, down lights and other lights, and can even control the projector screen.

Home Theater

Watching TV, listening to music, enjoying a movie from a DVD or downloaded from the Internet, playing a video game, all of these can make use of the touch tablet, switch between different remote control with the flick of a finger. This is not just for the living room, as even the home theater to the kitchen and even the bedroom can all potentially be controlled simply by taking down the touch tablet from the wall.

Since there is a multitude of A/V equipment, it often happens that the accompanying remote could not be found, or that they get mixed up. Not only is it inconvenient and confusing, but worse still is that the one cannot remember the right button to push to get the desired effect, especially for high end equipment with lots of features. But with the universal remote feature of this tablet, such problems are resolved, and can be used by both the yound and the old, high end expensive equipment would no longer have to be set to one side because they are too complicated to operate.

Master Bedroom

  1. The bedside lights, main lights and wall lights can all become part of a preset scene such as for reading a book, watching TV, listening to music, with the lights being able to be dimmed as well.
  2. When going to sleep, simply touch a button on the bedside to activate the sleep scene, the various lights in the home including the living room, den, walkways, and yard lights would all be turned off.

Other Rooms

Adding a K86 with wall switches allows for manual control of the lights.

Night Wakeup

No more groping in the dark when waking up in the middle of the night, one press of the button will light the way to the bathroom.

Upon returning to bed, just press another button to turn off all the lights previously used.

Wall Switches

Let the technology be hidden in the background with the attractive and pleasing switches being front and center; easy to use whether it be for the young or old.

Various styles of elegant wall switches to match any motif or decor.

Public Areas

Each public area would have a sensor switch, the lights would turn on automatically when someone approaches, when no one is around it would turn off automatically, they can also be turned off manually when desired.

Hallway, wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen

System Diagram

Wiring Method 1

Wiring Method 2