Open offices have large areas and many sections, after office, all the lights are left on and are not turned off, it is only after the last person who leaves after working overtime that the person roams all over just to turn off all the lights, which is really inconvenient.


Component Placement

Wiring Layout


User Operation

The first person arriving at the office presses the [work] button near the entrance to turn on all the lights in the open office, but the meeting room, small offices, showroom, pantry, storage room lights remains off.

During noon break or after office, the [noon] or [night] button is pressed respectively, and most of the lights in the open office are turned off leaving only a small section with the lights on, if any staff needs to work overtime then they can press the button close to their section to turn the lights on in their section.

The last person to leave the office presses the [all off] button near the exit, all the lights and air conditioning in the open office as well as in the adjacent rooms are all turned off.

Switch Selection