Residential Spaces

Commercial Spaces

(1) Match Freely

Traditional Lighting

When children play telephone, their cups are directly connected in a one to one correspondence to allow the sound to pass through the string. Traditional lighting also works by having one switch control one lighting.

Digital Lighting

In the real world, any phone can call any other phone and is not limited to just your immediate neighbor. Digital lighting is the same way, a switch can be assigned to control any lighting.

(2) Wall & Switch

Traditional Approach

Digital Approach

(3) Shared Wiring


An elderly couple have difficulty moving around, compounded by the fact that they have a big house with multiple levels. For convenience, they asked the designer to duplicate copies of switches in convenient locations for easy access and also so that they don't have to grope in the dark and stumble. But the physical wiring becomes so convoluted as to be an impossible mission.


(4) Expand Freely


Mr. Smith just got married and wanted to renovate their new home, Mr. Smith wanted to have 2 lighting circuits in the living room, after all the conduits and wiring have been laid out, Mrs. Smith disagrees and wanted to add 4 more circuits. Both the interior decorator and electrician are exasperated.

(5) One Touch

Scene select switches reduces the need to have a large number of switches by grouping them into scenes, with one switch for each scene.

With scene switches, transform the mood and atmosphere of any space with just one touch. Simplifies that which was complex.

(6) Aladdin's Lamp

Your Wish is my Command

Magical devices such as smart phones and tablets are like the genie from the lamp. One touch can transform your entire world just like having a genie at your command

While sitting on the sofa, one simply touches the A/V button and the lights, air conditioning, a/v equipment, curtains, projector screen will all be activated simultaneously reading for your viewing pleasure.

(7) Centralized Control

The lighting in any building is scattered widely, but their control and monitoring can all be centralized and aggregated using multiple digital switches in one or more locations for convenience.