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Traditional Approach

Small Reading Room

Small Reading Room

Traditional Approach 1: Staff Managed
Switches are spread about and hard to manage

Each section has its own control switch, which would be spread about and hard to manage.

  • The staff manages each section which is too bothersome for the staff.
  • Since it is too bothersome, most lights are simply left all day long.
Traditional Approach 2: Sensor Controlled
traditional sensors often trigger mistakenly
  • Even though someone means to just pass through, the sensors trigger the lights to turn on.

Proposed Solution

Manual on; occupant leaves, auto off.
Busy period
Busy Period

The facility manager forces the lights on through the touch panel; forces meaning that the sensors are to be ignored.

Manual turn on, auto lights off
Slow Periods

The facility manager authorizes the local controls through the touch panel.

  • When someone enters the room or a particular section, they can turn the lights on manually through the nearest wall switch
  • Whey they leave, the sensors automatically turn off the lights.
    Note: When someone is just passing through, unless they push the wall switch, the lights won't turn on automatically.