Large open offices have wide spaces and is often divided into sections. All the lights are on even in unoccupied sections, after office the last person leaving needs to go all over just to turn off the lights.

This proposed solution is for a simpler operation and energy saving approach.。

Large open offices lighting


Traditional Shortcomings

Large open offices are often divided into sections

No one around, but the lights are on

Some departments are field work oriented and are often not in the office, but the lights in their section still remain on even when everyone is out in the field.

Department meeting but section lights left on

When the entire department is in a meeting, the lights in their section are all left on.

After office all lights and a/c are left on

After office, only a few are left working overtime, but all the lights and a/c are still on.

Last person leaving roams all over to turn off the lights

The last person leaving will need to roam all over looking for the switches to turn off the lights.

Ceiling Types

Fixed Ceiling

Removable Ceiling Panels


10:30 field personnel leaves
10:30 Field personnel leaves

The lights and a/c in their section remain on.

19:00 a few are working overtime
19:00 Only a few employees are left working overtime

All the lights and a/c are on.

21:00 last person leaving
21:00 Last person leaves

Roams all over to search for the off switches.


8:30 Press the <Work> Button
press the work button

The office lights are on, but the meeting room lights are off.

10:30 Field personnel goes out
sensor turns off the lights

Occupancy sensor detects that the section is vacant and turns off the lights.

19:00 Working overtime
sensor turns light off in vacant sections

Except for the corridors and occupied sections, the sensors turn off the lights everywhere else.

21:00 Last person leaves
All lights off

The last person to leave simply press the <All Off> button to turn off all the lights.

Own Use Offices

By setting the digital switches to match the required lighting circuit, it is not necessary to change the physical wiring. A change in the layout of the space only needs a change in the configuration of the digital switches.

Own Use Offices (Energy Saving)

This solution is similar to the previous "Own Use Office Solution" but with the addition of sensors; these sensors can the lights off automatically when there is no occupant.

Rental Offices (Component Placement)

When a new tenant moves in, it is not necessary to change the lighting wiring, the switches only need to be placed along the designated places; then the switches can be matched with the desired lighting circuit through manual or software setting.

Rental Offices (System Diagram)

Wiring Method