Data centers, warehouses, periodical sections and showrooms are all places that occupy large spaces, but the lights need only be used for a short time and only for certain portions and doesn't need to be on all the time. These should make use of energy saving but practical methods of control.

Equipment Used

Data centers lighting control architecture

Entrance: IS45 digital switch

Set As: All on, all off, and section group control

LT3384 Controller:

  • A single controller can control up to 4 lighting circuits.
  • Each channel can have its own wall switch or K15 sensor.
Data center

Busy Periods

Sections can have their lights remain on indefinitely
For highly trafficked areas or sections where occupants stay for long

Digital switches can be installed at the entrance or in certain sections, with each section having its designated button, that when turned on will allow that section to have its light remain on indefinitely whilst ignoring the sensors.

One touch to turn off all lights
When leaving

The digital switch at the entrance would have one button designated as 〝All Off〞, which when pressed would immediately turn off all the lights.

Slow Periods

When a person enters to patrol the area, lights turn on wherever they go (with delayed auto off).

When they leave, a button marked "all off" is near the doorway, one press and all the lights will turn off and return to their regular standby mode.


Data Centers & Warehouses

Sensors: person comes, lights on; person leaves, lights off

Just Passing Through

Person comes, lights on; person leaves, lights off.

control buttons to force each section to stay lit

Work Needs:

The digital switch at the entrace have buttons for designated sections, which turn on the lights and allow it to remain on regardless of the sensor. Upon leaving the button is pressed to turn off the lights.

Showroom & Product Displays

One touch turns on all the lights

During work time or busy periods

Press the button to turn on all the lights.

Use sensors during slow periods

Sensors during slow periods

People come, lights on; people leave, lights off.

The facility manager controls the lights

Managed lights during slow periods

During slow periods, the lights are controlled from the facility manager desk.

Showrooms & Periodical Sections

One touch all on

Work or Busy Periods

Press a button on the IS45 to turn on all the lights.

Sensors during slow periods

Slow Periods

K15 sensor control: people come, lights on; people leave, lights off

Lights are controlled by the facility manager

Managed Control

When no one is around, the lights are controlled by the facility manager