Small rooms such as private offices, research rooms, and workshops are numerous, but because there is no effective way to manage the energy use of their lighting and air conditioning, they are often huge wasters of energy when the occupants leave the room but neglect to turn off the lights and a/c. So how can one prevent such wastage.

  • Turning on the air conditioning out of habit even when the temperature is cool enough that it does not warrant it.
  • In order to get the room to cool down faster, the temperature is often set excessively low, which wastes energy even further.
  • The a/c is left on even when the occupant has left the room.
  • The lights and the a/c are left on even when no one is using them, sometimes they are even left on all night long.
  • There is also the problem when the thermostat is set exceedingly low.
  • The a/c is turned on regardless of whether the weather is warm or cool.

K62 Solution


Small Private Office

Installing a K62 a/c energy saving switch
  1. The a/c will not turn on if it is not warm enough (upper temperature threshold not reached).
  2. The a/c will automatically be turned off when it is cool enough (lower temperature threshold not reached).
  3. When no one is around, the lights and the a/c will automatically be turned off.
  4. Upon entering the room, the lights and a/c needs to be turned on manually.

K20 Dual Capability

lights and a/c controlled together

Lights and A/C

The lights and the a/c are controlled together.

Manual lights on: Power supplied to the a/c at the same time (remote required to actually turn it on).

Manual lights off: A/C turned off at the same time.

one button to control both the lights and the projector

Lights and Projector

The lights and the project are controlled together.

Manual lights on: Power is supplied to the projector at the same time (projector still needs to be turned on).

Manual lights off: The projector will be turned off one minute after (projector fan still spinning).

K24 Solution

Person Enters To Work

  1. When a person enters, they need to manually turn on the lights and the a/c.
  2. While in the room, they may turn the lights off anytime (as when watching on a projector)

Person Leaves

  1. When the person leaves, they may turn the lights off manually, but if they forget the lights will automatically turn off after a certain delay.

Equipment and Storage Rooms

Just Passing Through

The K15 sensor detects: person enters, lights on; person leaves, lights off.

Staying to Work

Pressing and holding the wall switch for 3 seconds to activate steady mode. The lights will remain on indefinitely.

On Leaving

Press the wall switch to turn off all the lights immediately.

Insert For Power