Most companies make use of centralized air conditioning or box air conditioners, but much energy is wasted because there is no effective way to manage them.

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Reasons for wasted energy from air conditioning

  • Air conditioning is always on during office hours regardless of the temperature.
  • Even there are only a few people left during overtime, the air conditioning is still in full blast.
  • The temperature threshold is set too low.
  • The last person to leave forgets to turn off the air conditioning or is unfamiliar with how to turn it off.
  • Using a timer to turn the air conditioning on automatically, but upon encountering a holiday the air conditioning would still be turned on unnecessarily.

Improved Approach

K62 a/c energy saving switch
  • At the start of the day, someone turns on the air conditioning through the K62 button.
  • When the upper temperature threshold is not met, then the chiller would not turn on.
  • If the lower temperature threshold is met, the chiller will turn off automatically.
  • The air conditioner can be set to turn off automatically at preset times during the day; up to 12 preset times can be set for any given day.


K62 a/c energy saving switch operation and function.

K62 manual on
Office Start:

Employees go to the office:

The a/c needs to be manually turned on through the button on the K62.

K62 temperature control
During Office:

K62 controls the temperature by:

  1. Upper threshold reached, the a/c starts operating automatically.
  2. Lower threshold reached, the a/c stops operating automatically.
K62 a/c off at the preset time
  • The a/c is turned off automatically by the K62 at the preset time.
  • When someone is working overtime, the a/c can still be turned on manually from the K62.
  • Temperature control is still in effect.
K62 manual turn on during overtime
  1. The airconditioning is turned off at the preset time.


The perfect energy saving device, easy to install and use.


  1. Does not rely on a central control.
  2. Easy to retrofit.
  3. Highly stable.
  4. Suitable for various types of air conditioning.