Hotel Guestroom

Hotel Guestroom

There are two energy saving methods for guestrooms:

  1. Insert Card for Power: To avoid having the guest leave the room with all the lights, air conditioning and sockets all with their power on, which unnecessarily wastes energy.
  2. Energy Saving Switch: For use at the entry way and bathroom, which often has the lights unused and yet left on, these areas should make use of a smarter energy saving control method.

Insert for Power

Insert card for lights and socket power

On Entering: Card is inserted and power is supplied.

On Leaving: Card is removed and power is cut off after 30 seconds.

K24 Sensor Energy Saving

K24 sensor switch
  1. People come, lights on; people leave, lights off.
  2. When needed, the lights can still be switched on manually.


bathroom lights and fan auto off


The bathroom needs to have not just lights but also the fan to remove the moisture and stale air, but they need to operate for a while before being turned off. Thus they are often neglected when turning off the lights.


With a K24, both the lights and the fan are controlled at the same.

  1. When the guest enters the bathroom, both the lights and the fan are turned on by the sensor.
  2. When the guest leaves the bathroom, both the lights and the fan are given a short delay time to allow them to continue operating before automatically turning them off.

Upon entering, both the lights and the fan are turned on simultaneously; when the guest leaves, the lights remain on to allow the guest ample time to return to the room, after the lights turn off, the fan remains on for a longer time and will then automatically turn off.