dorm lights

Dormitory Room

  1. When the student goes out or to class, they don't turn off the lights.
  2. A dorm room is often occupied by many people, so the main lights should be turned off at midnight so as not to affect those already asleep.

Traditional Approach

The traditional approach is to make changes to the electrical wiring by gathering all the dorm room main lights into a separately powered cable and then placing this circuit under the control of a timer.

Disadvantages of this Approach

  1. Not Effective:

    At night, the power to the dorm room main lights are cut off together, and restored together in the morning; the problem with this is that the lights that were left on at night will immediately be on once the power is restored, which would waste energy.

  2. Difficult to Rewire:

    Changing the electrical wiring in all the dorm rooms is labor intensive and expensive, not to mention that it may be difficult to execute considering that the rooms may already be occupied.

K25 Approach

No big changes needed in making major rewiring, simply replace the existing main light switch with the K25.

lights off at midnight, lights are restricted

At midnight, the lights are turned off automatically.

The K25 ignores any attempt to switch it on.

restriction time over, switch operated normally

Restriction is lifted at seven in the morning.

The K25 can now be operated as normal.

two preset off times per day

Lights are turned off automatically at two preset times each day

Everyday, the lights are turned off automatically at 10:30 and 14:00, this prevents the lights from being left on when everyone has left.

The lights can still be manually switched back on as needed.

Ceiling Sensor Approach

each room having its own sensor and switch
  • Installing a ceiling type sensor together with a wall switch.
  • In the morning, power is supplied, but the lights remain off.
  • This avoids having the lights left on when student has left.
  • With a timer controlling all the main lights, the power supply can be cut off at night.