Why the Need?

For the purpose of fulfilling the energy saving needs of the building spaces, especially for existing buildings, when making large scale renovations to the electrical wiring is not possible, thus the need for a simple and easy to use energy saving smart switch.

Simple Combination

Combines a wall switch with a sensor to create an energy saving system that is simple to implement.

Energy Saving Application

An energy saving product that is designed with the different characteristics of the space in consideration and at the same time satisfying the need of the user for convenience in operation.

Standalone Operation

Can be used immediately after a simple setup process, with the smart logic built in and can work independently and does not require the support of a central control system in order to operate.

Traditional Shortcomings

Conventional sensors

Conventional sensors operate on the principle of: occupant comes, lights on; occupant leaves, lights off.

Problems with this approach:

  1. The abrupt turning on of the lights is jarring to the eyes and unbefitting of any elegant setting.
  2. A space that is dark when there is no occupant gives no clue as to direction to go.
  3. A space that is dark is not safe.

    The better alternative would be to at least have a little light, when there is occupant the lights should then brighten gradually.


A small dimmer driver that can be used with ac dimmable lamps.

Sensor control can achieve a gradual fade in or fade out effect.

Elevates the elegance and stylishness of a space.


Applicable Lamps

AC Dimmable LED Lamps
Halogen Lamps


K81 With Wall Switch
K81 With Sensor
  1. Normally the lights are half dimmed, but when turned on by the switch or sensor, the lights will gradually brighten to full.
  2. When turned off, the lights will gradually return back to half dimness.

Elevator Lobbies

K81 normally half dimmed

Normally the lights are half-dimmed.


  1. The lights guide the way towards the elevators
  2. The space exudes warmth and ambience
K81 when occupant comes or leaves

When an occupant either comes or leaves:

  1. The lights gradually intensifies to full brightness
  2. From full brightness, it diminishes to being half dimmed

Single Rooms

K81 used in single rooms
  1. Either a wall switch or K24 would be installed on the wall then connected to the K81 which then controls the dimmable lights.
  2. The K24 could then issue a signal to the K81 from either its sensor or its manual button control.

Wiring Diagram

K81 wiring diagram