• Dual circuit control.
  • Power supplied but lights will not turn on.
  • Delayed auto off.
  • When a special need or event arises, simply press and hold the button for a few seconds to activate steady on mode.
  • Press anywhere to turn on, press anywhere to turn off.
  • If user forgets to turn lights off, K20 will automatically turn lights off after a short delay.
  • Aside from the button on the device, external classic button switches can be added as well for convenient use, both of which operate the same lights.

K20 Demo

Applicable Spaces

Easy to operate with energy saving capability.

Basement Parking

Long Corridor


Meeting Room

Classic Switch Shortcomings

Difficulty encounted by user with classic switches.

Turns on but never off

Turns on but never off.

Confusing choice

Left, right, up or down? Confusing choices.

Sensor Shortcomings

The difficultes with sensors at the installation stage.
Too many sensors needed

Too many sensors needed to cover entire length of corridor.

High inrush current

Sensor quickly wears down due to high inrush current.

System Diagram

K20 system diagram

Control Methods

Long Corridors

  • When the button is pressed, both the lighting circuits in front and at the back will turn on, then will automatically turn off after a certain delay.
  • When needed, a long press can cause the lights to remain steady on indefinitely.

Long Corridors


  • When the natural light is sufficient, then there is no need to turn on the lights.
  • Along the corridor, any switch can turn the lights on or off, but if the user forgets, it will still automatically turn off after a certan delay.

Basement Parking

Basement Parking

Basement Parking

Single Rooms

Before Installing K20

Often the occupants turn off the lights when they leave but forget about the air conditioning.

Room before K20
After Installing K20:

A single button press simultaneously turns off both the lights and air conditioning.

Room after K20

Meeting Rooms

Waiting for the projector to cool down

Before installing K20: Occupant must wait for the projector to cool down before turning it off and leaving.

One button to turn off both the lights and projector

After installing K20: One button turns off both the lights and the projector; the projector is turned off two minutes after the lights have been turned off.

Wiring Changes