Data center or server room

Data Center or Server Room

  • A data center or server room must always be air conditioned to guarantee that the temperature is suitable for optimal functioning of the equipment.
  • To avoid the possibility of the air conditioning breaking down due to overheating from being overworked, there are always two air conditioners present, operating alternately at periodic intervals.
  • This controller is specifically designed for such a scenario.

Traditional Approach

Traditional approach using timer

The traditional approach makes use of a timer to alternately turn on one air conditioner, while turning off the other. There are three shortcomings to this approach:

  1. When one of the air conditioners malfunction and is its turn to operate, then the room will no longer be cooled and the temperature rise and cause the room to overheat.
  2. There is no definite way to know the actual temperature, most especially at the server area.
  3. There is no way to remotely monitor the situation and determine the condition of the air conditioners and the room temperature.

New Approach

New approach

This controller is designed specifically to overcome the aforementioned problems. It has built-in safety mechanisms and temperature monitoring capability.

  1. The temperature sensor can be placed at the actual server location to get a more meaningful reading.
  2. Under normal conditions, the air conditioners operate alternately.
  3. When one air conditioner malfunctions, the temperature will rise, the other air conditioner can kick in.
  4. With communication capability to link to a remote host.
  5. An optional display unit can be installed on any convenient wall or near the control panel to show the actual server temperature.